Venn diagramThe International Journal of First Aid Education (IJFAE) disseminates scholarly and field based works to advance the knowledge and practices of first aid educators and curriculum designers. Works published may also assist funders, organizations, and governments to identify networks and best practices to inform policy, laws, and measurements surrounding first aid for the preparedness of individuals, communities, and populations.

This peer-reviewed bi-annual scholarly journal publishes significant evidence-based first aid education research findings, articulates unique and innovative ideas in first aid, challenges current practices and proposed changes, and disseminates information about the latest and best use of educational technologies, modalities, and outcomes measurement. The journal seeks to inspire new researchers and network professionals around the world with the common purpose of increasing helping behaviors during health emergencies for volunteer and professional rescuers.

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Volume 2, Issue 1 (2019)

Letter to editors

Reviewers Make the Journal Go Round

Original Article

The 7 Rights: an active reflection tool to develop risk awareness for outdoor first aid education

Pressure Methods for Primary Hemorrhage Control: A Randomized Crossover Trial.

The use of a “CPR posture” for hemorrhage control

Conference Abstract

Revealing the Benefits of Checklists for Preparing Projects and Research

Being proactive about media engagement in first aid education

Empowering First Aiders Through Innovative Instructor Resources

Instilling Confidence in First Aid and CPR Training: Alternatives to Traditional Methods