Open Access Kent State (OAKS) is Kent State University's Institutional Repository, a platform for the preservation and promotion of the academic output of our multi-campus system. Institutional Repositories (IRs) collect the scholarly output of an organization under one digital umbrella, with an aim to preserve and provide access to that research. OAKS highlights the scholarship at all of Kent State University’s campuses and locations and offers the ability to search by discipline and discover full-text scholarly work.

If you have questions about OAKS, or have content to contribute, please contact us at

The purpose of Open Access Kent State is to publicize, disseminate, and preserve the scholarly work of Kent State University scholars and affiliates in an open access environment for the purpose of shared knowledge and learning.

Open Access Kent State is maintained by Kent State University Libraries and consists of multiple channels to browse content, including the following:

Communities - Communities are arranged by department, institute, campus, or other Kent State University division or structure. After copyright review, scholarly output can be included in these collections that may have been previously published elsewhere.

Collections - Collections are digital content that are not produced directly by academic units, and include books, journals, conferences, events, image galleries, regional digital collections, and more.

Authors - All content is browsable by Author's name, organized alphabetically by last name:

Subjects- Content is also browsable by subject term:



Materials appropriate for OAKS Academic Communities are generally previously published works such as journal articles or book chapters. At least one author of the work must be affiliated with Kent State University. Deposited materials are intended to be permanent contributions to the repository; once deposited, a paper or other digital object generally may not be withdrawn.


How to Contribute Content

The OAKS Team of Kent State University will gather appropriate content by contacting Kent State University scholars and by searching scholarly databases. Content placed in digital collections associated with Kent State University may, at University Libraries’ discretion, be added to other Open Access Kent State Communities. If you have content that you believe is appropriate for Open Access Kent State, please contact us at Submitting a list of publications for consideration to the Institutional Repository does not guarantee that the contents will be added. Works submitted go through a copyright review process to ensure that Kent State University Libraries can legally post the material. Providing any relevant Copyright Transfer Agreement(s) between you and your publisher(s) will greatly accelerate this process.



Appropriate content for Open Access Kent State may include, but is not limited to:

  • Published articles from scholarly journals or pre-prints or post-prints of such articles
  • Data sets
  • Works published in literary journals
  • Book chapters
  • Research reports
  • Administration and policy reports
  • Papers included in Conference Proceedings
  • Keynote and Commencement Addresses