The Vocal Majority: 1969 is an exhibit of the May 4 Visitors Center. The exhibit was created by Skylar Wrisley, designed by Ariel Bradford and Jennifer Goubeaux, and was temporarily on display in the May 4 Reflections Gallery in the Spring and Summer of 2023. 

This exhibit is meant to complement Kent State's story of May 4, 1970 by presenting some of the preceding events in the Fall of 1969. While the Vocal Majority highlights the experiences of Kent State students, this story has national significance and massive participation in a series of the largest antiwar demonstrations in U.S. history. These experiences are captured in photos, newspaper articles, flyers, posters, and artifacts. The protest in the Fall Antiwar Offensive in 1969 can be used to better understand what prompted the following events in the Spring of 1970.


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