IFFTI 2020: Between Individual and Society. THE GLOBAL


As craft is considered as a foundational symbol of a community, the expansion of craft into the global marketplace presents particular issues to negotiate. Roxana-Claudia Tompea uses a community to examine the relationship between cultural narrative appreciation and the concern of cultural appropriation in the paper ‘The #Give Credit Campaign and Why it Matters: A Case Study of La blouse Roumaine.’

Rajkishore Nayak, Long T.V. Nguyen, Tarun Panwar, and Thanh Huynh Pham discuss in ‘Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability: Practices and Challenges Faced by the Local Luxury Fashion Brands in Vietnam’ the approaches of local brands to incorporate sustainable and socially beneficial practices into their brands. They report the shortcomings and problems faced by these brands which are so similar to the global fashion community. Indeed, Joanna Watson cites several existing examples of socially and environmentally sensitive supply chain practices which point to a reimagined global supply and value chain in the paper ‘Future Proof Sustainability.’ Negotiating the global supply chain to be environmentally and socially beneficial is easily one of the most essential questions we must answer in the immediate future.

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