Environmental Science and Design Research Initiative

The Environmental Science and Design Research Initiative (ESDRI) is dedicated to research and investigations within natural and built systems.  

A main aim of the ESDRI is to consider the inextricable relationship between human and natural systems as we develop innovative knowledge, products and solutions that address local, regional, and global issues in this era of human influence.  The initiative also provides opportunities that aid faculty to advance their research, establish interdisciplinary collaborations, and procure extramural funding. The ESDRI engages a broad range of scientists, designers and practitioners, spanning dozens of academic disciplines, fields, and programs. Colleges represented within the ESDRI include the College of Architecture & Environmental Design, the College of the Arts, the College of Arts & Sciences, and the College of Education, Health & Human Services.

Through this initiative, designers and researchers seek to understand and leverage the interacting geological, biological, human, and social systems that impact and regulate the availability of clean water, clean air, and food; sustain diversity of life on Earth; and promote well-being.

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