As the Chair of the 22nd Annual 2020 IFFTI conference “Between Individual and Society: Social Justice Through Fashion” I would like to share my gratitude to several people who were integral to this process. First, I would like to thank Secretary General Commodore Vijay Chaturvedi, President and Professor Robyn Healy as well as, Professor and Chair of the Research and Scholarship Committee, Anthony Kent for the amazing amount of work they have done, the kindness they have shown, and the mentoring they have provided to the Kent State Team. Tony Kent was simply invaluable to the entire process and continues to do so each year in preparation for every new conference.

I would like to thank the Kent State Team for working so hard and doing such an amazing job!

Lauren Copeland was a Co-Chair, Associate Editor, Reviewer and general logistics tactician extraordinaire.
J.R. Campbell was a Co-Chair, Reviewer, and indispensable mentor and early organizer.
Mourad Krifa was an Associate Editor and Reviewer.
Margarita Benitez was an Associate Editor, Reviewer, and Curator of the Non-paper Presentations representing a huge amount of time and effort.

Kendra Lapolla and Melissa Campbell planned and organized the intended Hackathon focused on Social Justice which would have brought together one undergraduate student from each IFFTI member institution in a group project. Their resiliency and dedication is so appreciated.

Graduate Student Siera Terry was the glue between the IFFTI Team. Siera had an infinite number of tasks which she accomplished with speed, accuracy, and a smile.

Administrative Assistant Michelle Melton was invaluable in helping me negotiate the intricacies of university administration approvals, processes and rules. Perhaps most importantly she was invaluable in her assistance of budget creation and processing.

I would also like to especially thank our new School Director Dr. Louise Valentine who was an amazing mentor and supporter of the IFFTI conference and the IFFTI Team.

Last but not least, I would like to thank the reviewers of the paper and non-paper abstracts, full papers, and extended abstracts. This is not possible without you!

Emmanuel Silva, Silvia Perez Bou, Carolyn Hardaker, Marco Mossinkoff, Katherine Townsend, Marta Blazquez-Cano, Anthony Bendall, Ulrike Nägele, Isabel Garcia Hiljding, Alison Welsh, Sharmila Katre, Kate Annette-Hitchcock, Liz Barnes, Patsey Perry, Amy Benstead, Amanda Briggs-Goode, Theresia Grevinga, David Zajtmann, Vandana Bhandari, Robyn Healy, Anthony Kent, Sean Ryan, Stephen Wigley, Sayaka Kamakura, Rachel LoMonaco-Benzing, Jonghan Hyun, Ja Young Hwang, Margarita Benitez, Gargi Bhaduri, Kim Hahn, Ellie Cho, Krissi Riewe, Sara Snyder, Chanjuan Chen, Kendra Lapolla, Mourad Krifa, Lauren Copeland, Vince Quevedo, J.R. Campbell, Sarah Rogers, Kat Simmons

With sincere gratitude and appreciation,

Noël Palomo-Lovinski
Chair, 22nd Annual IFFTI Conference
Associate Professor
Kent State University