Volume 21, Issue 1 (1992)

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Kaleidoscope Spring 1992

Front Matter

Front Matter


"Cover Design"

"Cover Design"


"Fly by Nine"

"Harry's Jacket"

"Krista Sculpting"

"Lithography of a dog"

"Meeting the Croc"


"Self Portrait"

Poetry and Prose

A Part Of Me

A Sentence's Demise

A Twig


As Night Was Falling

Behind Those Eyes

Being Alone

Bend Over Backwards, a Song

Fields of Yesterday

Fire in the Sea

I Say We Create

My Brook

My Friend Fred

My Musical Dream

My Speaking Garden

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Reflections in a Cage


Skeletons of Yesterday and Today

Such Is the Day


The Choice

The Moment

The President is Dead

The Three L's

The Wicka


When There Aren't Enough Hours in Your Day Because You Went Back to College or Work

Back Matter

Back Matter